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The demand for software developers in Ireland is on the rise. The average pay for a software developer is €35,224 per year. However, experience in the sector strongly influences salary for the job.
The highest paying skills associated with this job are Visual Basic (VB) and ASP.NET.


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The Ireland Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI) will hold its largest national conference to date on May 4th at the Aviva Stadium. With the theme, Challenge in Changing Times, the conference will see some of the country’s top experts in project leadership discuss the uncertainty of today’s economy, specifically regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union.


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Digital Marketing Skills for 2017

As marketing technologies, channels, and platforms evolve, the skill sets of digital marketing professionals must evolve as well if businesses are to be able to successfully execute digital marketing strategies in 2017.

Does your marketing team have the most important skills it needs for continued success and enhanced efforts?

To identify potential talent gaps, you’ll need to hire for, check out the following top 5 digital marketing skills.


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Search Engine Optimization for Startups & SMEs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for short is making your site and the site’s individual pages visible and relevant to both search engines and search engine users. Having an efficient and well thought out SEO strategy is one of the most important and profitable things you can do for your business.

Why SEO?

A well-designed Search Engine Optimization campaign will help you to ensure that your website can be found by those searching for products or services relating to your business.

Understanding your audience is a huge part of a successful search engine optimization strategy. You need to know your customers, where they are, what they do, so that you market your site too, and write your content accordingly.


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PMI-Ireland Chapter Invests €36,000 in Project Management skills.

On 3rd November 2016, Ireland Chapter of Project Management Institute announced its partnership with BT Yong Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2016.


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Is SEO Dead?

Can someone tell me what SEO is? A common question most of Digital marketers come across from senior management often, especially new start-ups.

Well for me the SEO is a combination of different recipes blend to make a fruit cake, which is fruitful for a while, but then needs to change ingredients for next baking.

Search engine optimisation will be one of the most important skill to have in your organisation or via your Digital agency in 2017.

Any content marketing, Digital marketing strategy must be aligned with SEO strategy, so each of the following will have a substantial impact.

Some of the SEO strategies to consider in 2017:

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PMI National Conference 2016 “A Success Story”

The Ireland Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) highlighted the theme of ‘Leadership in Delivery’ and the importance of the project management profession at its national conference in the Aviva Stadium on Thursday 14th April last.

Three hundred delegates at the sold-out event heard about Ireland being the leading European location for the profession.

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