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Facebook Messenger Bot Guideline.

These days, all the cool companies are using their version of AI (Alexa Play “Mr. Robot”).

And there is nothing stopping you from getting in on the fun by creating your very own chatbot. Chatbots boost customer satisfaction, handle high volumes and cut down on costs.

There’s no single way to build your own Facebook Messenger Bot.

In 2017, at the Fashion Forward event in Dubai, Pepsi established a Facebook Messenger Chatbot where consumers could order their Pepsi drink, and the bot advised customers when their beverage was ready. Building a larger messenger audience — Move broad with your Messenger ad targeting, and then inspire more users to get in contact as soon as you’ve built up a vast enough arsenal of users, you can use that audience to achieve more with your Sponsored Messages. Brands (such as Pepsi) are utilising Facebook Messenger into another level.

Here’s how Facebook Messenger Bots work:
The Facebook Messenger Bot is a chatbot — an automated messaging tool which can have conversations with individuals (as well as answer questions, provide recommendations, perform tasks, process sales and more) all on your brand’s behalf

The customer sends a message to an FB page, asking a question (hours, directions, etc.) or creating another inquiry.

The chatbot responds automatically, with pre-programmed scripts and data you have uploaded. Perhaps it urges a solution, or it might just offer basic facts about your business, hours and place — it all is dependent upon how you’ve programmed it.

The conversation continues until the customer’s needs are met. It might even have the ability to reserve an appointment to your client, help them make a buy or schedule a time to get a follow-up call or consultation.

Some of the advantages of Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

1. Encourage them to ask you questions, find out more about your business or address any hang-ups or questions they had when initially encountering you. It may be just the extra push someone should become a client. Most provide different degrees of pricing depending on how much customisation, support, and measurement you’re searching for.

Add in their advertisements and re-marketing abilities, and that means solid lead creation and even sales are a choice, too.

2. Raise awareness — This won’t work with Sponsored Messages (because of the targeting limitations), but basic Messenger advertisements can certainly help expose your brand to new potential clients in your target presentation. Just make sure to make an advertisement that arouses conversation or sparks a query. Bots arrive with severe benefits for brands that use them correctly.

After all, is said and done, business owners can use their chats to identify leads and re-engage clients with other marketing approaches. The Many Benefits of Bots Imagine if someone could answer questions, nurture address and leads customer service concerns all while your entire operation sleeps. If you’ve homed into a solid chatbot plan, this can be an excellent way to impress fresh prospects and prospective clients. Just make sure that you select “Messages” as your own effort goal during set-up.

3. Creating special supplies — Messenger advertisements are an excellent way to supply exceptional offers and discount codes straight to people who stand to benefit the maximum. This can also help in retargeting attempts. Though these ads are relatively new, there are a couple of goals we could see Messenger Ads being really useful with. Not only can they offer you a way to rapidly and easily connect to customers on the go, from anywhere and at any time, but they also reduce your customer service expenses and improve your general reputation. Now you know the types of Facebook Messenger ads that are available, how can you use them? Which situations are the very best for and when should you cough up the extra cash to try them out? The questions in your mind could be:

Would it save you money?

Boost your standing?

Boost customer loyalty?

Facebook Messenger ads offer a quick and affordable way to promote your chatbot and bring past clients (or only past prospects) back to the fold. You can also work ads into your chatbot conversations, displaying product carousels and other targeted content to the user.

4. Personalized quotes — Possessing a service that you can’t accurately cost without more information? Utilize messenger advertisements to have users to contact you, provide more info and get a customised quote in return. The other solution is to utilize your Facebook advertisements to send customers to your messenger bot using a “Send Message” call-to-action.

Bot comes with serious benefits for the clients who use them properly. Not only Chatbots are great on the business side, but they’re also beneficial for the client, providing fast responses and effortless access to advice, even when after business hours when the customer support center is closed.

Leading Facebook Messenger Platforms:

Chatfuel One of the greatest Facebook Messenger Bot platforms, and it’s what big brands such as Netflix and TechCrunch use to build and manage their own robots. There are even pro accounts with additional features and add-ons.

Conversable Made for big, Fortune 500 corporations. Conversable is an enterprise-class platform for bot building. It may help you manage your discussions across other stations, such as on voice-enabled devices and OnStar. It includes some fairly deep-dive demographics that can help improve your campaigns.

ManyChat ManyChat was created only for Facebook Messenger and even has a free version if you don’t need a whole lot of support. The tool uses a drag-and-drop builder to make bot creation super easy and easy (it asserts it takes only two minutes to complete!)

SnatchBot This instrument was created for multi-channel bots and operates with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Twilio and assorted web and mobile apps. SnatchBots can collect payment, and send receipts, translate different languages and more.

MobileMonkey Mobile Monkey is relevant new Facebook Messenger Chatbot platform. Recently they celebrated 10000 customer success. Easy to use interface, with widgets to provide, extra services to the customers, like file and video attachments. MobileMonkey has excellent customer support services and Knowledge base support via their website. They have “free” and Paid “Pro” accounts for different size users. They also have Video tutorials paid course available via Udemy.

If you or your brand is interested in developing chatbot, for customer services, education, lead generation or for product and services information, contact us via our “Sofia Bot”

Original article by: Tara Johnson

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