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Digital Marketing Agency DublinDigital Marketing is a key part of your business, you must be aware of how crucial it is. If digital marketing is absent in your daily business routine, you are not only missing a chance to arrest great number of customers, but also you are losing your existing customers.

Do you feel that your business could benefit from a review of your digital marketing strategy with practical onsite mentoring with an expert to identify key opportunities to grow your business further?

  • Generate more sales online.
  • Reach new markets.
  • Online advertising, via social media platforms.
  • Brand awareness via social media?

Creative X Ireland, is Digital marketing agency, our team of independent digital marketing consultants have extensive experience to increase sales and reaching new markets internationally.

How Can Creative X Ireland Help?

Digital Media Marketing Agency

  • Offer expert advice on the audience you need to target and type of campaign to set up.
  • Set up and complete management of the Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  • Set up, monitor Instagram Intro, posts on regular basis.
  • Ongoing monitoring for duration of campaign and optimisation of ad copy.
  • A/B Testing to help maximise CTR- (click through rates).
  • Continuous analysis of campaign stats such as CTR, CPC and campaign reach.
  • Ongoing reporting of campaign performance.
  • Analyse audience.

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3 Stage Process

Digital Media Marketing Agency

Situation analysis, identify opportunities

Following an initial consultation, we will work to identify your key digital marketing objectives and propose options for your Digital Marketing Audit.A good social media strategy will include matching social media platforms to audience type; content and messaging considerations; as well as distribution – which is key.
Too many social strategies fail because there is not enough attention paid to igniting the content.

Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

Set Goals and Objectives

Depending on your requirements we can review the following:

  • A full website review
  • Optimizing your site from a lead generation perspective
  • Optimize website for mobile friendly version.
  • Google Analytics and goal tracking.
  • Discover the search terms you are appearing for on Google
  • Improve SEO with keyword research.
  • Social Media Campaigns.
  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • Identifying Persona’s

During the consultation,Creative X will provide an in-depth report on the current state of both your
website and your current digital marketing efforts. Creative X will provide guidance and help you set goals and objectives with recommendations for action to improve on key areas.

Digital Agency Dublin

Recommendations & follow up mentoring

Social media success does not come from creating pretty content.
In today’s increasingly noisy world, with organic reach at an all-time low, you’ve got to have a strong social media strategy in place if you are to achieve a return on your investment. Clearly defined goals, supported by content plans that relentlessly deliver the right messaging to the target audiences, combined with tactical social advertising to ensure the messages reach their intended audience is what it takes.

Creative X team will follow up with a final mentoring session to review your progress on taking action from therecommendations.

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