5 Things You Need to Know About the Coming Facebook Messaging Integration

In case you haven’t discovered, Facebook recently announced that it is working to incorporate its three messaging programs – Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp – to be able to ease cross-platform communication for consumers.

This is a major development – the 3 different programs while allowing users of every platform to chat with each other, irrespective of the platform they logged in.

The project is under development and has a way to go (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lately noted we will not see anything on the front until at least 2020). But it is well worth contemplating.

In this informative article, we will look at eight things you ought to know about the Facebook messaging merger that is projected, and also what it means for companies, entrepreneurs and users.

1. Users get a windfall of advantage throughout the integration.

According to Facebook, the process could be streamlined, which will make life more user-friendly. People want fast reliable and user-friendly messaging experience.

“We are focusing and working more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and contemplating methods to make it much easier to reach family and friends around networks,” explained Facebook.

2. The integration is a “Huge opportunity” for businesses to attain a larger and more varied audience.

Together with the 3 chat software’ collective 2.6 billion consumers, there is another group which may also reap the benefits of using this program integration – companies.

Think about how much more effective it’s going to be to reach out to clients on three programs that are varied, from 1 chat promoting platform.

With this upgrade, you’re going to have the ability to achieve a larger audience, and also spend more time connecting with both returning and new clients.

Soon, not only will you connect with the 16-24 year old demographic that dominate both Instagram and WhatsApp, but you’ll be able to reach the increasing number of 25 and older users that thrive on Facebook as well.

And there is no need to be worried about how to link markets, with consumer bases of WhatsApp decreasing in Asia, South America and Europe.

3. Facebook anticipates major earnings from the integration.

The integration means more revenue opportunities will open up together with space for advertisements inventory, for Facebook.

This is something the company needs, as they’ve voiced concern over saturated ad space in recent years – let’s not forget that ad revenue is critical to the company’s survival as well.

Sources have also hinted at the possibility of exclusive adv features which users would be able to pay for.

By creating more space for innovation, Facebook can bring in bigger profits, and more business.

4. Chatbots and are going to explode in 2019.

Chatbots are set to become one of the greatest opportunities for marketers and entrepreneurs over the next few years.

Chat marketing automation checks off a number of the most user-centric, growth-critical trends in digital marketing, namely artificial intelligence, automation, personalization, and interactivity.

Artificial intelligence will help more effective customer services for the business.

Love using chatbots to achieve higher conversion rates? Get ready to turn on the advertising via Instagram and WhatsApp with little additional work.

With this integration, most companies will have the ability to readily connect with clients around the world, across diverse inhabitants, employing one chatbot construction platform.

5. Chatbots alternative to email marketing declining engagement

Benchmark reports show the average open rate of marketing emails is less than 20%, while the average click-through rate of those emails is around 2.43%.

Instead, businesses can enjoy 70% to 80% open rates, and click rates between 10 to 20%.

This integration provides companies with a platform for reaching clients more efficiently.


Marketers who act quickly with chat advertising will gain the maximum.
This is a massive opportunity to gain a fair advantage in the challenging world of Digital Marketing for smart marketers.

If you are building a business, and developing your online strategy, you could have the ability to get ahead of this curve by entering into messaging. By integrating messaging in your strategy, you’re going to be well-prepared for the next phase, helping you to expand your opportunities faster.

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Original article by Social Media today.