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How facebook Ads work

  • Your campaigns will run in ‘Cycles’
  • Each Cycle is one month long.
  • At the end of each Cycle we review your campaign and if it’s working well, we’ll roll-it on for a further Cycle or, if it needs refreshing, we’ll liaise with you and create and incept a new campaign and run that new one for you for the next Cycle.
  • In addition, every campaign has a Test Cycle at the start, ahead of going live, where we find out EXACTLY what works for you, your business and your audience.

The first thing that happens once you come on board is you schedule your Set Up Call with your dedicated Facebook Ads Manager.

This is a phone call with the expert who will actually be running all your campaigns for you. They’ll talk to you, get to know your business, your goals and your expectations from your Facebook campaigns and extract all the key information that they need in order to build a world-class campaign for you.

They’ll also guide, advise you and ultimately agree with you your budget for your Facebook Ad campaign i.e how much you want to spend on the ads!

Of course they’ll answer any questions and explain everything fully to you as well.

After your Set Up call, your work should be pretty much done. But here’s what happens ‘behind the scenes’ to get your campaigns up and running working well:

Step 1: Define your audience

The key to an effective Facebook Ad campaign is having the right audience.

Your ideal customers are on Facebook – and we know how to find them. We’ll work with you in that Set Up Call to understand exactly who you want to reach and then use all our experience – and all of Facebook’s unique targeting tools – to get you in front of them.

We’ll create “lookalike” audiences to target people like the customers you have now, and also design custom audiences based on your specifications.

Mobile App Development company
Mobile App Development company

Step 2: Craft a great offer

For any marketing campaign to work, there must be a reason for people to take action and get in touch, and this is where your offer comes in.

It doesn’t have to be money-off or reduced prices. It might be some free information, but as a LeadCycle customer we’ll use our 12 years of experience of marketing UK businesses (and building eight separate million pound plus businesses of our own), to work our magic and craft a compelling offer that works to get leads for your business.

Step 3: Write ad copy that works

Next, our expert copywriters (who specialise exclusively in Facebook Ads) will do what they do best and produce ad copy that works – speaking to your target market and compelling them to get in touch.

We’ve tested literally thousands of different copy angles, so we really do know what works.

In your Test Cycle we’ll test multiple versions of your Ad headlines to find the sweet-spot; the one/s that get the best response.

Mobile App Development company
Mobile App Development company

Step 4: Create images that grab attention

Then we’ll make your ad come alive with eye-catching imagery.

Again, we have huge experience here and our focus is on creating ads that get you clicks from the right people.

Once again, we’ll test different images and graphics in your Test Cycle before you properly ‘go live’.

Step 5: Test, Test, Test…

This is the clever bit, the part that most people miss out on and the section of our process which all but guarantees you a steady stream of leads.

We use our cutting edge, proprietary, technology to run not just one ad, but dozens – split testing different headlines, images and ad placements for you and your business.

So, for instance, we might test three different images, with three different copy headlines to three different audiences. That’s 3 x 3 x 3, so 27 different ads that we’d run in your Test Cycle, and we’ll carefully track what happens with each of them.

To be clear, you WILL get leads during the Test Cycle, but you can expect more leads, at a lower cost, once the testing is complete and the campaign goes into Live Cycle.

It’s the rigour that we put into the testing phase that differentiates LeadCycle from most other agencies that could run Facebook Ads for you. It’s easy to skip this phase but it’s normally what makes all the difference to you having a campaign that works commercially and generates a positive return on investment for you.

Mobile App Development company
Mobile App Development company

Step 6: Analyse and optimise

Once your campaign is written and in ‘test’ mode our team will constantly monitor and then analyse the different variations of your ad and fully optimise your campaign over the course of your Test Cycle (which normally lasts 2-3 weeks from it going ‘live’.)

At the end of the Test Cycle you’re left with arguably the perfect ad (or two!) for your business. The ones that work best and which deliver a steady flow of leads at an acceptable cost.

The difference our Test Cycle makes to a campaign can be staggering.

Once you emerge from the Test Cycle, you’ll see more leads, at a lower cost as the optimisation fully kicks-in. In simple terms, after your Test Cycle all your budget is spent on ads that have been proven to work.

If you think about how many hours it would take you to do all this split-testing, analysing and optimising, across multiple ad combinations, you’ll begin to appreciate the difference that doing Facebook Ads ‘professionally’ makes, compared to the ‘enthusiastic but amateurish’ approach that most businesses adopt.

And, of course, we do all the work, so you can devote your time to other, more important, aspects of your business.

Step 7: LIFT-OFF! (Live Cycle)

Now the real fun begins…

Once your campaign emerges from the Test Cycle, we scale up your now-proven ad/s.

Every time a lead comes in, you’ll continue to get an email notification so you (or your team) can jump straight on it and get in touch with your new prospect.

We’ll also send you a detailed (and beautiful) monthly report so you can see exactly what’s going on and how the campaign is looking.

Mobile App Development company
Mobile App Development company

Step 8: Review, rinse and repeat…

At the end of each ‘Live Cycle’ month we’ll review the performance of your campaign and liaise with you to either roll-it on for a further Cycle – if it’s performing well – or create a new campaign which we’d incept and then run through the Test Cycle as before.

Some campaigns can run really well for several months (or ‘Cycles’) whilst others are more short-lived either because they’re related to a specific event (e.g. Valentine’s Day) or they were shown to a relatively small audience which becomes ‘fatigued’ with the ad after they’ve seen it numerous time. (Obviously, if you have a large target audience it takes longer for your campaigns to ‘fatigue.’)

Either way, your dedicated Ads manager will talk you through your options and recommend the best way forward at the end of each Cycle.


There are TWO elements which make up your investment to have LeadCycle by Entrepreneurs Circle running your Facebook ad campaigns.

(It is an investment by the way, not a cost, because you should expect a very positive return)

Mobile App Development company
Mobile App Development company

1. Your Ad Spend.

Firstly you will need to fund your Facebook Ad spend (i.e. pay for Facebook to show your ads to people and generate leads).

To be clear, we don’t charge a percentage of your ad spend like most agencies do. Every penny of your ad budget will be spend on ads.

More good news is that thanks to our processes and optimisation, your ad spend will be as low as possible (i.e. you can expect to get more leads for your money using LeadCycle than if you ran a campaign yourself, for instance).

On your initial Set-Up Call, you’ll decide, with help from your Ad Manager, exactly how much you want to spend on your Facebook Ads on a weekly basis.

We recognise that lots of factors come into play here, but one of the most important ones will be how many leads you want – and how much you can afford to pay for them.

To help you estimate your ad spend, we’ve prepared a rough guide below:

As a very rough guide, for many businesses the cost of leads from Facebook is likely to be between €2 and €10 each.

Some campaigns can generate leads for less than €2 per lead and some cost more than €10 per lead but that range is a good guide to begin with until we start testing your specific campaign.

For your Test Cycle, we recommend an ad spend budget of at least €200. Ideally we’ll be testing more than twenty different copy/image/audience combinations so even €200 only allows a €10 test on each which is the smallest viable sample really.

After your Test Cycle you can adjust your weekly budget to reflect the number of leads that you want to generate. Once you have an ad that works it really is like having a tap. You get to adjust the flow…

After your Test Cycle your ad budget will be charged weekly by direct debit or credit card and the amount can be adjusted by you at any time by letting your Ad manager know.

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(IMPORTANT: The figures above are not real. They are illustrations based on our experience. The actual number of leads your campaign generates – and the cost of it – depends on a number of factors. You may generate more or fewer leads than shown below and they may cost more or less than the amounts shown. We’ll only know for certain once we’ve tested your campaign).

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2. Monthly Fee.

Then there’s the cost for having us do all the work for you. We make this very simple:

  • There’s a one-off Set Up Fee of €200
  • And a fixed monthly charge of €199.99 per month.

Your minimum LeadCycle subscription period is three months. After that period, your subscription automatically renews month to month. After three months, you may request to cancel at any time and we will suspend all future LeadCycle renewals.

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