The demand for software developers in Ireland is on the rise. The average pay for a software developer is €35,224 per year. However, experience in the sector strongly influences salary for the job.
The highest paying skills associated with this job are Visual Basic (VB) and ASP.NET.





Common Career paths for software developer:




Popular Skills for Software Developer

Top Popular Skills for Software Developer

  1. C# Programming Language
  2. .NET
  3. Java Script


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Software Developer Traineeship

Finglas Training Centre Jamestown Road, Finglas Dublin 11 have developed “Software Developer Traineeship” programme to provide the software industry and the IT departments of business with personnel who are skilled in software development.

The Facilities at the centre are state of the art, with modern, up-to-date network PC labs and lectures rooms.

The Aim of the Traineeship is to provide the trainees and the skills and related knowledge in software development and to develop their personal effectiveness and job seeking skills.

Applicants must be leaving certificate standard of education or its equivalent. There would be an entrance aptitude test.


Course Content:

  • Career Planning & Job-seeking Skills
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials and Cloud Virtualisation.
  • Introduction to new industry & Web Technologies.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Development.
  • MTA- Database Administration Fundamentals- Online (Optional)
  • Software Developer Workplace Competence Schedule.
  • Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Software Development Variations (Regional Variations)
  • Software Development Project Skills.
  • Software Development Traineeship Project.
  • Unified Modelling Language (UML)


Learning Outcomes:

  • Detail policy and procedure in a programme lifecycle, describe lifecycle stages and explain different lifecycle methodologies.
  • Effectively participate in Software Development projects by implementing skills of communication, team working and MS Project and applying Java skills learnt to a software project.
  • Create SQL scripts that contain advanced commands and run them against a database to retrieve the information required.
  •  Identify the concepts central to object-oriented modelling, explain their necessity and origins, use UML as a tool and utilise the UML notation within the software development process.
  • Programme at a competent level and achieve Industry accreditation* in ONE of the following languages: Java Oracle Certified Associate JAVA SE 7 Programmer I additional Programmer II (depending on class) OR C# – MCTS 72-511 OR – MCTS 72-511
  • Programme in the most current web technologies such as Java Enterprise Edition (Servlets, JSPs, Hibernate and MVC), HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and AngularJS.
  • User stories to delivery to a client with user manual. Using the development model Agile, or latest development model.
  • Understand what cloud computing means from a business and technical perspective, as well as what is involved in moving to and governing the cloud. See for full details and latest exam versions.
  • Plan and achieve realistic work goals. Work in the Traineeship occupation under normal operational conditions in the company and in accordance with the Workplace Training Plan.



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Key Information:

Start Date: 10/04/2017

Duration: 55 Weeks (43 weeks classroom & 12 weeks work experience)

Contact: Carmel Lennon +353 (0)1 8140268

Software Developer Instructor: Sandra Hawkins +353 (01) 8140250

Email Inquiries:

Course Fees: Free*